Backup & Business Continuity

Minimize downtime and preserve mission critical data and machines in the event of an outage.

SSI’s DataSafe managed backup and business continuity system can protect everything your organizations relies on. From a single folder to an entire environment, the essentials of your business are available to you and your employees after outages.

A tailored approach to business continuity

There isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach at SSI. We understand that SMB’s and enterprise organizations have different needs. A governmental organization will require different RPO’s and RTO’s than a non-profit. We work to find a plan that fits every clients’ exact demands.

Backup & Business Continuity Options

  • On-premise backup solutions
  • Cloud replication
  • Hybrid on-premise / cloud backup solution

Business Protection

We’ve all misplaced a file, accidentally downloaded a virus and spyware, and maybe even corrupted a hard drive. It’s near impossible to prevent this from happening it is however very easy to implement appropriate precautionary measures that pay off long term.

Essential and affordable.

Modern companies are mostly just data and people. Digital information and its importance to business operations is only compounding in the years to come, which means that any investment in data protection is a sound one.  DataSafe 2.0 comes with customizable local or hybrid cloud solutions. All of our services are specially designed so that small and midsize enterprises can affordably and effectively leverage the latest proven technologies and expert support.

Customizable tiers.

DataSafe 2.0 can protect and recover anything from a single file to an entire server environment. For further improved continuity, it can replicate and encrypt your entire data set into our high-security data facility using our Cloud Storage package. For maximum disaster protection and business continuity, our Cloud Recovery package is a fully customizable advanced recovery solution. It drastically improves your recovery time objectives (RTO) by providing full user access and an experience built around your exact business needs.

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The Ultimate Disaster Recovery Checklist

The Ultimate Disaster Recovery Checklist

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Infographic: Are your employees putting your data at risk?

Infographic: Are your employees putting your data at risk?

From SSI & Citrix, do you know what data is being stored in the cloud? How can orgs. manage mismanaged passwords? A comprehensive solution for business mobility and security.

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