Man is exploring the security system on the background of the city.

Which Industries Need Cyber Security and Why

Cyber security should be a priority for all industries, especially given the fast pace of digitization. Regardless of your sector, the cyber risks posed in the digital era should not be ignored. The consequence...

Female working in a Technical Support Team Gives Instructions with the Help of the Headsets. In the Background People Working and Monitors Show Various Information.

What is Security as a Service?

There is a serious challenge facing many organizations today: The lack of security expertise. Yet, there are multitudes of new cyber security threats daily. Moreover, IT departments face the overwhelming diffic...

fintech icon and technology element on mobile phone 3d rendering represent Blockchain and Fintech Investment Financial Internet Technology Concept.

Understanding UCaaS

With so many avenues for communication, from smart devices to messaging platforms, how can we connect the disparate platforms? Invariably, the demand for cloud-based applications is on the rise – and unif...

Citrix Mobility

Workforce Mobility with Citrix

The future of work is changing as of the publication of this article. The demand for faster, better, safer ways to work is at an all-time high. The ability to work from anywhere, safely, requires a collaborativ...

Remote Work IT Technology

Cyber Security Best Practices for Remote Work During a Pandemic

Many cyber security experts have been sounding the alarm of a fresh wave of cyber threats being launched against employees mandated to work from home during the Covid-19 pandemic. As this outbreak changes almos...

secure online payments. two factor authorization. man hands holding mobile phone and entering password message on laptop.

End-User Security is Vital for Your Company

When talking about cyber security, it’s tempting to focus on technology. Firewalls, two-factor logins, anti-virus software, and various other technological solutions often dominate discussions. In an ideal worl...

Smart city and communication network concept. 5G. LPWA (Low Power Wide Area). Wireless communication.

Fascinating News About How 5G May Affect Cyber Security

Relaunching mobile networks in 5G, which can reach rates up to 10 times faster than what we have now, will transform our way of communicating, interacting online, and sharing content. Greater speeds will howeve...

cyber security professional checking security of cad drawing on desktop computer in office

Why Cyber Security Practices in Manufacturing Needs an Update

In the digital age, Industry 4.0 has become a catalyst for a transformation within today’s manufacturing industry. In fact, many manufacturers are already embracing digital transformation in a variety of ...

it consultant talking on the phone with client looking at desktop computer and wearing a blue shirt

Five Ways Managed IT Services Makes Sense for Nonprofits

For many non-profits, there is plenty of room to do a lot of good within their local communities. There are many unfulfilled needs in the populace, which are often addressed by understaffed and underfunded non-...

healthcare it provider setup with laptop stethoscope, clipboard, tablet and syringes on table

Protecting Health Information and Data Security

In this blog, we’re going to get blatantly frank about the issues facing data security within the healthcare industry. If you read the news at all, you will notice that cyber attacks are consistently on t...

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