data breach security

How Much Does the Average Data Breach Cost a Business?

In the United States, the number of data breaches has reached an all-time high involving over a billion records. When a data breach occurs, the typical reaction is to determine the short-term impact. In fact, m...

Outsourced IT Philadelphia

What IT Services can be Outsourced?

Have you noticed that your IT manager spends more time putting out fires than working on higher-cognitive tasks? It is easy for IT managers and staff to get overwhelmed trying to manage every IT component witho...

it compliance services

What are the Crucial Parts of a Secure IT Compliance Framework?

A secure IT compliance framework is an essential component of every organization’s infrastructure. It can be defined as a set of protocols for companies to follow to ensure their businesses comply with in...

Outsourced IT

What is an IT Outsourcing Company?

How are your IT strategy and your IT infrastructure? If your answer is “I’m not sure,” then you have a severe issue. In the digital age, having a reliable, secure, and dependable IT infrastruc...

IT compliance services

What are Some of the Risks of not Being Compliant with IT?

The risks associated with not meeting compliance will only increase. Unfortunately, many organizations look at compliance as a business cost as opposed to an investment. Meeting compliance seems to parallel an ...

Office 365 backup services

Which is the Best Office 365 Backup Solution for MSPs?

Microsoft Office 365 is one of the most popular software tools for organizations of any size. Many managed service providers rely on Microsoft Office 365 (O365) for both their own internal staff and also to pro...

cyber security managed service provider

What Are the Basic Concepts of Cyber Security?

As cyber threats continue to grow in sophistication, an increasing number of midsize businesses are being impacted. To ensure protection, organizations must be vigilant and proactive. Yet, this is difficult to ...

IT Compliance

What is IT Compliance as a Service?

There isn’t any question that data breaches have been trending upwards. If there are legal ramifications attached to cyber attacks, they can become quite serious very quickly. There are real threats to se...

voip managed services

How Can I Improve My VoIP Call Quality?

Do you know anyone who still uses a landline phone? They’re becoming obsolete. In contrast, the VoIP market is expected to expand beyond $140 billion in 2021. There are certainly many reasons why VoIP has gaine...

cyber security services

How are IT Security Threats Classified and Addressed?

In the wake of skyrocketing data breaches, an increasing number of organizations have chosen to make cyber security services their top IT priority. Businesses are wary of having their data compromised, their re...

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