MySecureCloud Hosted Workspaces

Customizable, secure Windows-desktops accessible to you and your employees for all of your business data and applications from anywhere with an internet connection.

A flexible, customizable cloud solution for business productivity

Citrix Workspace Suites meets the changing requirements of business with the industry’s leading mobile workspace solution, enabling IT to securely deliver all apps – Windows, web, SaaS, mobile – data and services from any device, over any network, to empower people with new ways to work better.

Desktop personalization
Self-service access to applications
Improved business technology security
A singular flexible solution

Technology personalization for increased productivity

Personalized applications and access for every user: Today’s workforce demands the flexibility to work from any device, anywhere. With Citrix Workspace Suite, workers can access all of their applications, data and even their personalized desktops from any corporate or BYO device, including tablets, smartphones, PCs, Macs or thin clients.

Customization with enhanced executive-level security controls
Applications, systems, and data accessibility for every employee
Enhanced mobility and ease of use

Secure by design

Citrix Workspace Suite offers enterprise-grade security to ensure data and applications are always secure and compliant. Workers can access and sync all of their data from any device and securely share it with people both inside and outside the organization. At the same time, IT has the flexibility to manage that data on-premises, in the cloud or use a mix of both for the best economics. Organizations can minimize loss of intellectual property and sensitive private information through centralization of applications and desktops, which keeps all data in the datacenter.

Data encryption solutions
Password protection
Mobile lock and wipe capabilities

An all-in-one solution

The diversity in today’s workforce has forced multiple desktop, mobile, application and data infrastructure purchases that each require its own management and support. Citrix Workspace Suite addresses this challenge with a single, flexible solution that can streamline application and desktop deployment and lifecycle management to reduce IT costs.

Improve success rate of applications and desktop imaging
Role-based management configuration
Simple and predictable IT economics

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