cyber security services

How are IT Security Threats Classified and Addressed?

In the wake of skyrocketing data breaches, an increasing number of organizations have chosen to make cyber security services their top IT priority. Businesses are wary of having their data compromised, their re...

managed it services

How Do I Monitor My Cloud Services?

Every organization must run on information. Yet, without the right managed cloud service provider your company can fall victim to expensive downtime, data losses, and cyber security threats. Whether your busine...

it security

What Are the Different Types of Hackers?

In light of the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic, many organizations had to transition to the “new normal” of remote work. The shift was positive, for it allowed many businesses to stay afloat. Further, it gave employees...

cyber security service providers

Are there Internal IT Security Threats, as Opposed to Outside Security Attacks?

Contrary to certain theories, the US Computer Emergency Response Team (Cert) has found that around 40% of digital security breaches come from company insiders. In fact, cyber crimes are also committed by employ...

cloud service provider

Is Cloud Cheaper than on Premise?

You’ve probably already heard of the many advantages associated with cloud migration. Perhaps you already operate within a hybrid cloud environment and have seen improvements in security, scalability, and...

voip service

What is the Difference Between VoLTE and VoIP

A Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is not a new technology. In fact, VoIP has permeated the business world and taken over landlines with more relevant features and Internet connectivity. Why is it so popular...

managed IT services

What Services are Included in Managed IT Services?

In a competitive, always-one market, the organizations that maintain their competitive advantage have discovered how to optimize efficiency by using the right technologies. Often, companies turn to managed IT s...

Veeam cloud backup

What is Veeam Backup and What is it Used for?

One of the most innovative developments in modern technology history has been the accessibility to the cloud. In the context of data and storage back up, this has become a game-changer. Instead of purchasing, a...

voip services

Is VoIP Available for Home Use?

There isn’t any question that remote work is not only a rising trend, but it is likely here to stay. The excellent news is VoIP services at home allows companies to deploy remote working policies while ensuring...

cyber security risks

How do you Identify Cyber Security Risks?

In the digital age, many businesses are concerned with mitigating cyber security risks and avoiding data breaches. As cyber-attacks continue to spiral, many organizations turn to vendors who offer cyber securit...

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