Cyber security energy market

Energy Cyber Security – Why It’s Necessary

In an industrialized world, energy and utilities are required every day. When we commute, we rely on traffic lights to keep the routes safe. In the sweltering heat of summer, we depend on air conditioning. In t...

construct backup

What Does “Concurrent Backup” in Disaster Recovery Mean?

If you care about your data, you must back it up, then back it up again. Many IT disaster recovery services available today do have the option of scheduling backups. This type of construct backup often involves...

IT Consulting

IT Consulting Services: What are They and Why Does Your Business Need Them

The rate of digitization throughout business operations is swiftly expanding. In fact, IT plays a gargantuan role in how we interact and do business – especially notable during an unexpected pandemic. Tec...

CRN Fast Growth 150
Press Releases Featured

SSI Ranks 81 on the 2020 CRN® Fast Growth 150 List

Systems Solution, Inc. (SSI) is thrilled to announce that CRN®, a brand of The Channel Company®, has named SSI to its 2020 Fast Growth 150 list. Each year, CRN® recognizes the fastest-growing technology integra...

Disaster Recovery & Loss Prevention

How can Veeam Software Help a Business with Disaster Recovery?

Having a disaster recovery strategy is critical for every organization as a means to protect data systems from human errors, theft, natural disasters, or other events. With the right solution, you can protect b...

Cloud Storage

What are the Best Cloud Backup Services Available in the Market?

Even if the business backup process is pretty tedious, cloud-based backup services have made tasks flow much faster and simpler. In addition, cost reduction has played a significant role in large-scale migratio...

Outsourced IT

Do Startups Really Need Outsourced IT?

Companies of all sizes are now outsourcing their IT department in an effort to reduce costs and increase efficiency. Many of the most popular and prominent IT companies today were once startups, and to this day...

SSI AWS vs Azure Blog

AWS vs. Azure

The reason for the rise in popularity of Infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) is because companies don’t have to deal with managing their hardware, software, core infrastructure, or servers. In addition, Ia...

outsourced help desk

Outsourced Help Desk: 11 Reasons Why It’s the Best Choice for Your Business

In the digital era, businesses are invariably adopting more sophisticated technologies to run daily operations and embarking on various stages of digital transformation. Yet, with a larger technology stack also...

Higher education cyber security

Higher Education Cyber Security – Why It’s Necessary

There isn’t any question that cyber attacks on higher education are on the rise. Just take a look at the latest headlines whether it is the phishing attack upon students of Lancaster University or where they re...

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