Network Engineering

Expert analysis of your organization’s network and remediation of issues threatening your business.

The daily operations of your business is dependent on the security and stability of your networking capabilities. As a stakeholder, it is incumbent that you know exactly how healthy and how vulnerable that network is at any given time.

A network security and engineering assessment from the technology experts at SSI gives business owners and IT decision-makers a thorough accounting of your business’s network.

Strategy, design, and integration of network security features.

SSI’s team of certified engineers will help you reveal flaws, conflicts, and redundancies within your existing network resources.

Starting with a thorough investigation, to creating a remediation and implementation plan, we work with your team and within your timeframe to ensure complete security of your network and your technology environment.

The SSI Network Security Assessment:

  • Firewall investigation
  • Comprehensive security auditing
  • Detection of spyware, viruses, and loopholes
  • Server log review

A technology partner and team member

At SSI, we understand IT might not be your full-time job or your passion, but it is ours. Our team of technicians, engineers, and experts is constantly looking for new ways to innovate on behalf of your business.

We know that businesses are burdened with a lot of roadblocks, we strive to remove technology headaches as one of those roadblocks.

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