For more than 25 years, the Financial Advisory Company mission has been to help high net worth individuals achieve their investment goals – and live the life they wish – through customized, strategic wealth management with exceptional client service. Due to an aging infrastructure, regulatory requirements and company growth, FA decided 7 years ago to migrate their entire IT infrastructure to the cloud. SSI was selected to provide an in-depth assessment of the current infrastructure along with a detailed technology roadmap and provide a flexible cloud environment that would allow FA to achieve its improved customer experience objective.

Finance Industry
User Support, Server Support, Backup and Disaster Recovery, SOC/SIEM Security


As recently as 7 years ago, IT at FA was managed in-house. When the infrastructure was past due for an upgrade, FA contacted Systems Solution, Inc to discuss their technology upgrade options. SSI effectively demonstrated a cloud solution as the most relevant and cost-effective option since it not only provided security and up-to-date hardware and performance, but it also saved FA thousands of dollars in eliminating the need for regular workstation renewals.

Although, a few cloud migration challenges included several custom built applications such as FA’s CRM which had to be moved to the cloud and tested on newer operating systems and cloud delivery technologies. Further, a few applications were found to be incompatible with SSI’s Citrix XenApp solution, but SSI was able to successfully resolve these issues.

Not only did SSI perform an initial assessment and provide a 5-year technology roadmap, but we also onboarded the customer to provide 24×7 Managed IT Services for the remaining on-premise network infrastructure in addition to 24×7 cloud support.


After executing their initial IT infrastructure assessment, SSI located all their custom applications and other solutions such as e-mail, e-mail archiving, and file sharing services and worked with FA on a plan to smoothly migrate every app to the SSI cloud.

Using a multi-phase approach, SSI was able to migrate services without any downtime or imposed outages. In addition, SSI worked with all vendors to make sure that applications were running correctly on Citrix XenApp.

Through several weeks of testing, SSI was able to migrate all users from their previous local server infrastructure to Citrix XenApp within the span of one weekend without any downtime or negative impact on FA’s clients.


Once the initial 3-month design, build and onboarding period were completed, the Financial Advisory Company was running an updated IT infrastructure with better performance, security, and resiliency. This customer has been utilizing SSI’s infrastructure for 7 years now, and has been benefiting from our consistent hardware and software upgrades that are standard for cloud customers of Systems Solution, Inc.