The firm coordinates multiple and complex investments in public market securities, private equity and other alternative investments for institutional investors. Their IT infrastructure was neglected for years by their previous vendor. In fact, the firm experienced continuous network performance issues, file storage problems, and an inability to respond adequately to an outage. Through an extensive evaluation process, SSI was selected as their new IT partner with the task of executing an in-depth assessment of the current infrastructure along with the responsibility of providing a detailed technology roadmap for the next 5 years.

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IT Consultancy, Cloud Computing and Cyber Security


The Financial Services Firm’s Director of Operations had been utilizing a small local company for IT services. Yet, their previous IT services partner had quickly become unresponsive to service requests and unable to provide a long-term strategy for regular improvement of their IT operations. As a result, the Director of Operations had to spend most of his week managing IT issues, support tickets, and researching new technologies that may or may not benefit the company.

“Our previous provider was no longer able to meet the needs of our organization. Although, we had developed a long-standing relationship over many years, it was clear to us that we needed to find an IT provider who was staying on top of industry trends with a documented process for handling an account of our size.”

Not only did SSI perform an initial assessment and document a 5-year technology roadmap for us, but we also onboarded the MSP to provide 24×7 Managed IT Services for the on-premise IT infrastructure. While certain components of the environment were strong candidates for cloud hosting, other applications deemed best suited to run locally. By setting up a hybrid IT solution, with a hardware refresh of their local network devices and storage, the customer was able to increase uptime, service availability, and operational efficiency. 


Moving forward, the Financial Services Company soon realized that SSI was the right fit for their IT infrastructure needs. Instead of utilizing a small IT provider who was reactive as opposed to proactive, they needed a team of engineers who could effectively manage a relevant long-term strategy for their IT operations. Now, the Financial Services Company could stop worrying about putting out fires and start focusing on their long-term technology and business objectives.

After performing the initial IT infrastructure assessment, SSI determined that their local network devices, including routers, switches and firewalls were all beyond their end-of-life with the average deployment age being over 7 years. In order to ensure optimal network performance, SSI concluded that the highest priority to tackle first would be a network refresh of their local hardware. Moreover, during the network refresh, it was soon apparent that their current backup and disaster recovery strategy was quite insufficient for their business requirements.

Multiple customers were requesting documentation regarding backup and disaster recovery plans to satisfy their business continuity requirements. SSI was able to provide a local backup, with offsite disaster recovery replication, to satisfy even the most stringent third-party auditor demands.


After a thorough evaluation of an initial 3-month period, the Financial Services Company was running an up-to-date IT infrastructure with much better performance and resiliency. Through regularly-scheduled quarterly business review meetings, this customer can now obtain a clear picture of the overall health of their network and have the necessary insight for recommending future projects which may need to be addressed within the next 6-9 months.