The private, non-profit 501(c)3 child welfare and behavioral health agency located in the Philadelphia runs 9 office locations with one data center and an aging IT infrastructure. This organization’s service offerings include adoption, foster care, behavioral health services, delinquent and dependent group home care for male and female adolescents, a community-based detention facility for pre-adjudicated male adolescents, and in-home services for at-risk children. Due to the highly-sensitive nature of their protected patient data, SSI determined that it would make the most sense from both a financial and security perspective to move their environment to a Virtual Private Cloud hosted within our data center.

Citrix Hosted Desktops, User Support, Cyber Security


The Executive Director of a large Philadelphia Non-Profit organization was tasked with ensuring employees could access company data from any device, at any time. Unfortunately, after years of neglect from their previous IT provider, the organization ran an infrastructure that was beyond end of life in an environment which did not provide proper temperature control. This led to frequent outages, network performance issues and bottlenecks that brought productivity to a screeching halt.

Many times, when a technician was deployed to the organization, they would be found searching for answers on Google. With an increased need for their services throughout the Greater Philadelphia Area, it was determined that a more stable IT infrastructure would be necessary to adequately support their long-term growth goals. Their challenge was finding an IT provider who could accurately document the best IT strategy for their needs moving forward.


SSI conducted an in-depth analysis of their current IT infrastructure along learning more about their future growth plans. After meeting with various heads of business operations and running a cost analysis of both on-premise versus a cloud-hosted infrastructure, SSI came to the conclusion that a Citrix Hosted Desktop environment would make most sense for the organization. This would enable the Non-Profit Organization to decommission all local servers, avoid a costly hardware refresh, and transition to a cloud-hosted environment where they would only have to pay for the data center resources they consume on a monthly basis.

Early on, SSI realized that this client was highly interested in setting the standard for their industry, and not just simply keeping operations running. While refreshing all the hardware locally was out of reach from a budgetary perspective, it was also determined that by moving to SSI’s Citrix Hosted Desktop Environment, they could achieve a level of performance and security beyond anything they could build locally.

To migrate this organization to the SSI Cloud, we deployed engineers to assist with building out the Citrix Virtual Private Network and then migrated all of their applications. Prior to cutover, our engineers met with each program leader on the client side to validate application performance and validate quality assurance. Once it was determined that all applications were running faster on our cloud than they were locally, the client was transferred to our infrastructure with a seamless migration.


The SSI Cloud Hosting Team was deployed on-site the day after cutover to ensure any potential end user issues would have a technical resource on hand to resolve their problem. Within the first year, the organization was able to save over $100,000.00 by migrating to an SSI Citrix Hosted Desktop Environment while also improving the user experience for all their employees.

After 90 days of running live on our infrastructure, a new government grant was awarded but it also required the organization to disclose their IT infrastructure details. By leveraging SSI for a Citrix Hosted Desktop Environment, it was incredibly easy for this organization to show third-party auditors that they were running an enterprise IT environment with built-in disaster recovery and business continuity.

SSI provided all supporting documentation for this grant award which was integral to this client’s  long-term growth strategy. Today, SSI continues to work with this non-profit organization and many others throughout the Greater Philadelphia Region.