cloud service provider

Is Cloud Cheaper than on Premise?

You’ve probably already heard of the many advantages associated with cloud migration. Perhaps you already operate within a hybrid cloud environment and have seen improvements in security, scalability, and...

Cloud disaster recovery solutions

What are the Best Cloud Disaster Recovery Solutions?

Data security is a serious concern for most businesses these days. Having the ability to remain operational, even during disasters requires more than an on-premise IT infrastructure; it requires the implementat...

SSI Azure services

What is the Difference Between Azure and Cloud?

The cloud offers a wide array of providers, products, and services. In fact, Gartner forecast the cloud services market to reach $266.4 billion. There are actually 1000s of providers, but few are household name...

Cloud Storage

What are the Best Cloud Backup Services Available in the Market?

Even if the business backup process is pretty tedious, cloud-based backup services have made tasks flow much faster and simpler. In addition, cost reduction has played a significant role in large-scale migratio...

Azure Cloud Services

What Are Azure Cloud Services?

Azure cloud services are a continuously-expanding collection of cloud-based alternatives to on-premise hardware and services available to anyone who is ready to build their business in the cloud without having ...

Understanding UCaaS

Understanding UCaaS

With so many avenues for communication, from smart devices to messaging platforms, how can we connect the disparate platforms? Invariably, the demand for cloud-based applications is on the rise – and unif...

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File Sharing: Demystifying the Cloud

“The cloud” may sound like a tech buzzword, but it’s actually a simple shift in the way your business uses technology that can reap huge rewards. Cloud solutions take the place of desktop soft...

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3 Big Security Lessons for Growing Businesses

Ransomware is the fastest-growing and most pervasive cyber threat in the world. Recently, it has infected the likes of FedEx, Deutsche Bahn, and Britain’s National Health Service. The thing is, you don’t need t...

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