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What Are the Basic Concepts of Cyber Security?

As cyber threats continue to grow in sophistication, an increasing number of midsize businesses are being impacted. To ensure protection, organizations must be vigilant and proactive. Yet, this is difficult to ...

cyber security risks

How do you Identify Cyber Security Risks?

In the digital age, many businesses are concerned with mitigating cyber security risks and avoiding data breaches. As cyber-attacks continue to spiral, many organizations turn to vendors who offer cyber securit...

SSI Security Shield 5 Layers

What are the 5 Layers of Security?

There isn’t any question that businesses are acquiring and storing more data than ever before. In conjunction, the frequency of data breaches is skyrocketing. In 2016, over 1.4 billion records were compromised ...

non profit managed security services

Why Do Non Profits Need Managed IT and Cyber Security Services?

Some of the most vital services provided in any country are offered by nonprofits. Yet, many of these nonprofits require a committed team of free volunteers, resources, and an endless supply of funding to fill ...

cyber security professionals

Is There Really a Cyber Security Professional Shortage? Why?

For companies who want to protect themselves from the massive costs associated with data breaches, cyber security has become a top priority. Unfortunately, there is a global issue hampering that objective. Inde...

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