cyber security services, disaster and backup recovery services

The Difference Between Cyber Security, Computer Security and Network Security

Regardless of the size of your organization, you probably rely on the Internet. In fact, most people spend twice as much time using apps and the Internet than they did a decade ago. As such, people expect easy ...

Cyber security energy market

Energy Cyber Security – Why It’s Necessary

In an industrialized world, energy and utilities are required every day. When we commute, we rely on traffic lights to keep the routes safe. In the sweltering heat of summer, we depend on air conditioning. In t...

Higher education cyber security

Higher Education Cyber Security – Why It’s Necessary

There isn’t any question that cyber attacks on higher education are on the rise. Just take a look at the latest headlines whether it is the phishing attack upon students of Lancaster University or where they re...

Finance Cyber Security

Finance Cyber Security – Why It’s Necessary

For the greater part of the last decade, the increasing concerns about cyber security threats to the financial sector induced a stern warning from G20 finance ministers in March 2017 stating, “the malicious use...

Cyber Security Terms

Cyber Security Terms: An Explainer For The Business Owner

In the past five years alone, some of the most world-renowned companies have fallen victim to vicious cyber attacks not only affecting their bottom line but their reputation as well. The most prominent types of...

IT Outsourcing Trends

IT Outsourcing Trends: Six Trends in a Work From Home World

The on-going COVID-19 pandemic has had a massive impact on the IT industry and service delivery. Cash flow problems, setting up remote work, and even everyday challenges, like pricing models, are now all common...

Which Industries Need Cyber Security

Which Industries Need Cyber Security and Why

Cyber security should be a priority for all industries, especially given the fast pace of digitization. Regardless of your sector, the cyber risks posed in the digital era should not be ignored. The consequence...

Remote Work IT Technology

Cyber Security Best Practices for Remote Work During a Pandemic

Many cyber security experts have been sounding the alarm of a fresh wave of cyber threats being launched against employees mandated to work from home during the Covid-19 pandemic. As this outbreak changes almos...

secure online payments. two factor authorization. man hands holding mobile phone and entering password message on laptop.

End-User Security is Vital for Your Company

When talking about cyber security, it’s tempting to focus on technology. Firewalls, two-factor logins, anti-virus software, and various other technological solutions often dominate discussions. In an ideal worl...

A computer popup box screen warning of a system being hacked, compromised software enviroment. 3D illustration.

SSI Cybersecurity Tips: Ransomware Explainer

An FAQ on Ransomware & Business At SSI, we’re always talking with our clients about the most recent threats to their business data. As their technology partner, we also listen to their fears – w...

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