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Growth Minded IT

Great IT leadership not only fixes problems as they arise, but develops answers for long-term questions. Increasingly, technology is less about troubleshooting email problems or day-to-day maintenance, and more about generating revenue with growth-minded solutions.

How can small and medium-sized businesses innovate without spending six figures a year on a Chief Information Officer or a robust technology department?

With SSI’s Virtual CIO (vCIO) service, organizations gain access to the premier managed IT and cloud solutions provider in the Philadelphia area without the headaches of supporting an in-house staff.


Understanding business technology is our business. We know that your time is precious, that’s why our vCIO services work around a schedule that works best for you. Scale to your exact needs with your SSI vCIO – whether working on a single new project or tackling long-term goals and innovation, there’s a package for you.

Virtual CIO Solutions

  • Infrastructure assessment
  • Network support and planning
  • Backup and disaster recovery advising
  • Technology project support

Tailored Advice and Service

Technology, like a business, doesn’t grow in a vacuum. As organizations grow, inevitably so does their IT needs. That’s why at SSI, we make is easy to bundle or scale projects to clients’ needs. Need more mobility? Secure hosted desktops are a click away. Growing data needs protection – think backup and disaster recovery. We have countless solutions for business configurations of all types.

The Local Solution

As a leader in the Philadelphia-area technology space, we understand specifically the needs of Delaware Valley businesses. We know the pressures of the area, and we’ve seen how IT innovation can position organizations to future growth and stability. If you’ve been kicking around a project, but don’t have the tech resources to get it off the ground, SSI’s Virtual CIO is great starting point.

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