Unlimited minutes with a complete VoIP phone system that scales with your business.

Delivered over the Internet, our VoIP phone system (voice-over-IP) gives you the confidence to conduct your business knowing your solution is reliable, cost-efficient and will scale smoothly as your business expands. More than just a phone system, this is a complete communications’ system.

One of the major benefits of SSI’s VoIP phone system is full integration. Whether it’s linked to your hosted desktop or your hosted Microsoft Exchange, we’re always looking for ways to improve our customers’ communication capability.



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Our VoIP phone services include....

Intercom systems

Intercom systems

Communicate with ease while enjoying crisp audio. Intercom calling allows users to dial an extension within the office similar to a regular call. However, instead of ringing, the device will automatically answer the call. You can use this feature for quick conversations between colleagues, to control access to a building, to announce visitors or even ping specific people at the other end.

Voicemail to email

Voicemail to email

Become more responsive and available to your customers. With our VoIP phone system, voicemail-to-email is a feature that records a voicemail as an audio file and sends it to an email address. The recipient can then download the file right from their email, and play it using their smartphone or PC. You can’t always access your voicemail in the office, or even know when a voicemail is waiting. But with voicemail to email, you’re notified by email with a clickable recording you can play on the spot.

Ring groups

Ring groups

A ring group enables employees to share the distribution of incoming calls among team members. This also enables a company to create a custom call flow by routing calls to a specific team member, department or welcome menu. Ring groups can also create multi-dimensional company tiers to let the phone system know how you would like your phones to ring. You decide if you want the phone within each ring group to ring simultaneously, or one by one.

CRM / VoIP integration

CRM / VoIP integration

Before you take any call, know who you’re talking to and their customer history. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platforms are a vital tool for businesses to keep track of their interactions with prospects and customers. CRM integrations allow third parties, such as cloud VoIP providers, to connect your CRM account with your business phone system and exchange vital data between the two platforms. Make calls directly from your CRM application.

Many cloud phone systems offer integrations with popular CRMs such as Salesforce, Highrise, and Zendesk. These VoIP CRM integrations offer key data and analytics to sales, marketing, and support teams within your company.

Lower costs

Lower costs

PBX installations can cost anywhere from $500 to $2,000 per user. The bottom line is vital for every business, large or small. So then, you have to consider every cost-saving opportunity. One way companies can realize significant cost savings is by adopting a VoIP phone system – maintenance fees are rolled into a budget-friendly subscription plan. With other features such as anywhere access and video calling, companies can save thousands in travel-related and utilities’ costs for remote employees. In fact, research has shown that switching to a VoIP system can lower your phone usage fees by over 50%.

Easy call forwarding

Easy call forwarding

Call forwarding is a key feature of our VoIP phone service which allows a user to forward the incoming calls to any other number in case the primary number is busy, out of coverage area, switched-off or not answering calls. Thankfully, whether you want to work from home, the office, or the coffee shop, you can have all your calls forwarded to wherever you are, and on the compatible device of your choice.


Our VoIP services provide a unique range of benefits

  • Control IT Costs

    You can scale your IT Costs according to your requirements and only pay for what you need. Whether that be increasing or decreasing staff, or IT project work.

  • Trusted IT advisor

    Through regular account management meetings SSI will be able to oversee your overall IT roadmap and become your trusted advisor.

  • Economy of scale

    As your business grows, its support structure needs to grow, too. When you use SSI, you can scale your business up or down with nothing more than a simple discussion.

  • Increased efficiency

    You’ll have your IT needs outsourced to a team of IT experts, and during times where you need additional project support, SSI has the staff to support.

  • Small initial investment

    Managed IT services help you offset the initial investment of technology costs. Rather than spending thousands of dollars on hardware and software upfront.

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Why choose us?

At SSI, we leverage IT security and automation to help you:

  • Protect your business
    Protect your business

    Reduce risk by preventing (or recovering from) security breaches.

  • Optimize IT systems
    Optimize IT systems

    Improve efficiencies, drive cost out of processes.

  • Empower your employees
    Empower your employees

    Allow your employees to do more and go further.

SSI's VoIP gave us additional functionality, such as voicemail to e-mail, and the ability to easily connect to our phone system from home.
Cheron Neal