Cyber Security Services

Protecting your business data and information against damage and loss.

Recent statistics have shown nearly 80% of business have suffered a cyber attack. Experts claim number like this will continue for the foreseeable future. At SSI, we work with businesses across the Philadelphia area to ensure that their network is secure from threats and that critical information is available to them in the event of an outage. Cyber security services are critical to business and organizations of all sizes and industries.

A tailored security plan for your business needs

Regardless of the size or complexity of your network, our team of techs and engineers can work with you and your team to devise a plan that works for your organization. Our team has experience working in highly-complex, multiple-cloud environment and across industries.

The SSI Cyber Security Difference

  • Protect business from cyber theft and hacks
  • Access to SSI’s Solution Center 24/7
  • Quickly identify threats and attacks
  • Fully compliant with regulations across industries
  • Backup and business continuity planning

A business technology partner

At SSI, we pair industry-leading technology with tailored support. We work as an extension of your organization to not only fend off attacks but to help you understand how to better protect yourself from them in the future. Beyond technology implementation, we provide education for users and business continuity to get you back on track quickly.

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Infographic: Our Technology Partners

Infographic: Our Technology Partners

We deploy leading-edge technology solutions, tailored to our client's exact needs. Supported 24/7 by our team of business technology experts.

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