managed IT services

What Services are Included in Managed IT Services?

In a competitive, always-one market, the organizations that maintain their competitive advantage have discovered how to optimize efficiency by using the right technologies. Often, companies turn to managed IT s...

Veeam cloud backup

What is Veeam Backup and What is it Used for?

One of the most innovative developments in modern technology history has been the accessibility to the cloud. In the context of data and storage back up, this has become a game-changer. Instead of purchasing, a...

voip services

Is VoIP Available for Home Use?

There isn’t any question that remote work is not only a rising trend, but it is likely here to stay. The excellent news is VoIP services at home allows companies to deploy remote working policies while ensuring...

cyber security risks

How do you Identify Cyber Security Risks?

In the digital age, many businesses are concerned with mitigating cyber security risks and avoiding data breaches. As cyber-attacks continue to spiral, many organizations turn to vendors who offer cyber securit...

SSI Security Shield 5 Layers

What are the 5 Layers of Security?

There isn’t any question that businesses are acquiring and storing more data than ever before. In conjunction, the frequency of data breaches is skyrocketing. In 2016, over 1.4 billion records were compromised ...

IT consulting services

How Do IT Consulting Companies Work?

Many companies are considering partnering with an IT consulting company, but they don’t have a concrete idea of how IT consulting services operate. Of course there are many types of consultants with varying bac...

Cloud disaster recovery solutions

What are the Best Cloud Disaster Recovery Solutions?

Data security is a serious concern for most businesses these days. Having the ability to remain operational, even during disasters requires more than an on-premise IT infrastructure; it requires the implementat...

Laptop with blank screen on table in office loft interior building - mockup, template - 3D rendering

What is Desktop-as-a-Service ?

Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) is cloud-based desktop virtualization. Managed by a third-party, DaaS includes compute, networking, and desktop storage. In fact, the vendor will stream the virtual desktops to the i...

cyber security services

Why Do Data Breaches and Hacking Happen to Companies Who Have Cyber Security Services?

According to the Ponemon Institute and AttackIQ, organizations are investing around $18.4 million annually on cyber security technologies and tools. However, around 53% of IT departments have yet to figure out ...

cyber security services

A Cyber Attacks Glossary

It might feel simplistic to discuss the various ways cyber criminals impose cyber attacks. However, cyber-attacks are becoming increasingly sophisticated, while many businesses have limited resources to thwart ...

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