managed cloud services

What are Managed IT Services in the Cloud?

Many organizations struggle with managing the deluge of data. One way of doing so is with managed cloud services which is based upon a third-party vendor that manages a client’s systems remotely and in the clou...

non profit managed security services

Why Do Non Profits Need Managed IT and Cyber Security Services?

Some of the most vital services provided in any country are offered by nonprofits. Yet, many of these nonprofits require a committed team of free volunteers, resources, and an endless supply of funding to fill ...

managed it, managed it services

What is the difference between managed IT services and IT outsourcing?

Consider the plight of the IT department. Perhaps they support offices in multiple time zones. Maybe they are tasked with maintenance and backup, as well. Any blind spots or an infrastructure disruption can wre...

cloud backup services, cloud recovery services

What is best cloud backup and recovery software for enterprises?

For organizations with on-premises IT infrastructures, or a hybrid, cloud backup services provide a wide array of potential benefits while reducing the total cost of ownership (TCO). Similar to how you would us...

cyber security professionals

Is there really a cyber security professional shortage? Why?

For companies who want to protect themselves from the massive costs associated with data breaches, cyber security has become a top priority. Unfortunately, there is a global issue hampering that objective. Inde...

SSI Azure services

What is the Difference Between Azure and Cloud?

The cloud offers a wide array of providers, products, and services. In fact, Gartner forecast the cloud services market to reach $266.4 billion. There are actually 1000s of providers, but few are household name...

aws managed services

Can I Use AWS for Disaster Recovery?

Disaster recovery (DR) is one of the most crucial concerns for many organizations. Having the ability to ensure business continuity while keeping spending down is also just as important. Any event that negative...

IT infrastructure

Is it Better to Have Your Own IT Infrastructure or to Use Cloud Services?

Since 2009, the annual spend on cloud services over IT spend has increased by 4.5 times and is expected to exceed six times the rate of IT spend through 2020. Invariably, the digital age – and the COVID p...

IT managed services

What is the Real Value of IT Managed Service?

In the modern business environment, data is currency. As a result, any disaster, data breach, or data loss could send an organization into a tail-spin without recovery in sight. Whether a hacker puts ransomware...

cyber security services, disaster and backup recovery services

The Difference Between Cyber Security, Computer Security and Network Security

Regardless of the size of your organization, you probably rely on the Internet. In fact, most people spend twice as much time using apps and the Internet than they did a decade ago. As such, people expect easy ...

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