Network & Data Security

Securing your business networks and information

With managed network and data security services from SSI, businesses can protect themselves from breaches and threats to their organization’s data.

Breaches affect organizations of all sizes and complexities. Statistics show that the percentage of businesses affected by hacks will increase for the foreseeable future. It is incumbent on business owners to safeguard their organization, employees, and customer data.

The solution that fits your business

We work with organizations to find a solution that is tailored to their exact needs. Our approach begins with a thorough investigation by our technicians and engineers to determine exactly where vulnerabilities exist. This ensure that the solution we recommend fits your needs and your budget.

SSI’s Network and Data Security Suite:

  • Email monitoring
  • Anti-virus and spam filtering
  • Mobile device management
  • Workspace education and security

Intrusion protection and monitoring Thorough monitoring and intrusion protections

Our team monitors our clients’ technology assets 24/7/365 to ensure that all software and applications patches are completely up to date. A major risk factor for intrusion is obsolete or outdated hardware. We work to ensure that your existing resources are functioning at optimal efficiency.

We also work with enterprise-class hardware and service providers to offer our clients best of breed solutions. Pairing our expertise with these brands ensures that our clients are fully protected.

Reallocating costs from labor to free technology resources

Networks and data security are laborious and mundane for your internal IT staff. A managed security service provider like SSI, can free them from the minutiae of these tasks and free them to re-focus on innovating on behalf of your organization.

We work to act as an extension of your team, moving in lock step with your stakeholders to maximize your current resources and securing them.

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