Virtualization & Migration

Moving organizational IT beyond physical equipment and hardware with modern technology techniques

Virtualization services from SSI enable your organization to reduce their reliance on cumbersome, expensive technology hardware.

When you virtualize your technology environment upgrades and maintenance are easily performed remotely by you in-house or outsourced IT staff.

Virtualization Services with SSI

  • Minimal on-site IT hardware
  • Improved application and system performance
  • Built in backup and mobility
  • Streamline data and system processes

Regulatory and compliance standard

Physical servers are at a greater risk than those that are virtualized. Like all hardware, they are at risk of natural disasters, obsolescence, and user/human error. Virtualization and migration services from SSI utilize secure data center technology to mitigate these risks while enhancing system and server availability.

Unlike physical, on-premise servers, virtualization makes compliance and regulatory updates easy. With the help of our team of expert technicians, you and your staff are unburdened of this maintenance.

Scalable technology for easier growth

Good technology grows and shrinks as your business does. Physical servers are cumbersome and expensive to update and upgrade. Taxing your IT staff with these sorts of products is often counter-productive.

Virtualization and virtual servers minimize the effort and cost of scaling infrastructure or adding new VM’s. New business and growth doesn’t need to be a burden, and SSI can move your aging infrastructure to a new level.

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