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A full range of integrated backup, disaster recovery, and business continuity solutions. Best of breed technology and purpose-built to end downtime and keep businesses running.

Operational Consistency

Regardless of your organization’s size or purpose business continuity planning is essential. Today’s consumers and businesses cannot accept outages. If your business is compromised during a natural disaster or infrastructure failure, what happens next. Great business continuity answers every question in that eventuality.

With business continuity from SSI, we are uniquely capable of delivering a full business continuity plan. Our team of techs and engineers work with you and your team to determine mission critial machines, servers, even files that you need immediately. Further out, we determine a plan of attack to bring all of your systems back online with minimal downtime. We understand the needs of business, and we know your technology is a tool you can’t do without.

Technology backup services
Disaster recovery as a service
24/7 helpdesk support during events

Business Continuity

Your organization needs a plan when there is an outage. Extended downtime can cost businesses money and, more importantly, negatively impact your reputation with your clients. While natural disasters like hurricanes, floods, and earthquakes are events you should be wary of, the number one cause of downtime is human error.

What’s your strategy for business continuity in the event disaster natural or man-made? At SSI, we work with our clients to develop plans to get you on your feet and back to work quickly.

Cloud backup solutions
On-premise backup solutions
Hybrid backup solutions
Disaster recovery as a service
Managed backup solutions

Managed Backup Solutions

There are countless businesses every year that are hit by large-scale and permanent loss of information and data. Regardless of industry or size, every organization that collects and stores data is susceptible to outages and loss.

The cornerstone of business continuity and mitigating damage due to an outage is a comprehensive backup plan. By standardizing the restoration of data business owners and IT-stakeholders can rest assured that their organizational and customer information is safe.

Designated mission critical machines and systems
Customizable RTO (recovery time objectives) and RPO (recovery point objectives)
Easily monitored and flexible resources

Disaster Recovery

SSI and Zerto dramatically reduce day-to-day management complexity and streamline your operations, eliminating the complexity typically associated with managing BC/ DR solutions. Many of the manual tasks associated with a typical BC/DR solution are automated with Zerto, reducing or eliminating errors.

Protecting mission-critical applications is not only about copying data. It is about ensuring application recovery, protecting from logical errors and frequently testing failover to ensure you can recover when needed.

Minimize impact of a disaster
Reduce DR complexities
Managed the exact machines and applications you need to restore quickly

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The Ultimate Disaster Recovery Checklist

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