A national construction and facility maintenance firm was experiencing widespread IT issues company wide. Over the past 25 years, the Company had leveraged technology to stay relevant in an ever-changing industry. Due to turnover amongst internal IT staff, the Company experienced network performance issues, file storage problems, and an inability to quickly recover in the event of an outage. To make matters worse, they were hit with a Ransomware attack that kept the Company down for several days. After an extensive evaluation process, SSI's construction IT service experts were selected to provide an in-depth assessment of the current infrastructure along with a detailed technology roadmap for the next 5 years.

Construction and facility maintenance
IT Environment: 
3,000 employees, multiple offices, services all 50 states
SSI Services: 
Server Support, Network Monitoring, Backup and Disaster Recovery, SOC/SIEM Security, 24x7 Managed IT Services
Technologies Used: 
ConnectWise, Labtech, Auvik, Veeam, VMware


The Company hired a new internal IT Director, who upon getting started found an antiquated infrastructure with legacy architecture that was unable to keep the business operating efficiently. To make matters worse, the Company was hit with a Ransomware attack, which exposed the fact that backups had not been properly verified for the past several weeks. This caused the new IT Director to scramble to restore applications in a poorly constructed IT infrastructure with minimal documentation on network topology. Finally, the Company engaged SSI.


After performing the initial IT infrastructure assessment, SSI determined that the local network devices, including routers, switches and firewalls were all beyond end-of-life with the average deployment age being over 7 years. In order to ensure optimal network performance, it was determined that the first priority to address would be a network refresh of local hardware. During the network refresh, it became apparent that the current backup and disaster recovery strategy was insufficient for the Company’s requirements. Multiple customers were requesting documentation regarding backup and disaster recovery plans to satisfy their business continuity requirements. SSI was able to provide a local backup with offsite disaster recovery replication to ensure ongoing business operations in any possible event.


After the initial 3-month period, the Company was running an up-to-date IT infrastructure with better performance and resiliency. By setting up a hybrid IT solution with a hardware refresh of local network devices and storage, the Company was able to increase uptime, service availability, and operational efficiency. Through regularly scheduled quarter business review meetings, the Company now understands the overall health of their network and any future projects which may need to be addressed. The Company realized early on that SSI was the right fit for their needs moving forward.