A Disaster Recovery & Cybersecurity Case Study


A Greater Philadelphia area township (the “Township”) runs both an administrative office and an emergency services unit with the local police department, which serves more than 10,000 residents. Unfortunately, the Township had also been working with an IT company that was crippled by high employee turnover. Many times, new technicians would be sent out to work with the Township and need to continually start from square one. When their contract was finally up for renewal, the Township reached out to SSI. Other townships within the county, had already partnered successfully with SSI and provided an impressive referral.

25 Users, 4 Servers, 5 Network Devices
SSI Services:
User Support, Server Support, Network Monitoring, Backup and DR, SOC/SIEM Security
Technologies Used:
Connectwise, Labtech, Auvik, Office365, Cisco Open DNS, Datto


On top of serious downtime issues, the Township’s previous IT provider was unresponsive, nor did they have proper documentation on hand regarding the IT infrastructure. Every support call was an exercise in futility as technicians were clueless in terms of how to provide help since turnover was so high. The Township was burdened with outdated equipment that was not connected to any of their newest technological investments. Moreover, much of their outdated hardware was taking up valuable storage space while collecting dust.


Upon hearing glowing reviews about SSI from several neighboring townships, the Township reached out for an introductory meeting. After the initial meeting, SSI dispatched an engineer to perform a no-cost network assessment to determine the best path moving forward. With data from the first assessment, SSI immediately prioritized IT infrastructure issues that needed to be addressed. Two of the most pressing issues included network hardware that was beyond end of life and storage systems that were no longer properly configured on the network.


With a refresh of their antiquated network hardware and putting a VMware hypervisor onsite with proper high availability configuration, the Township could now stabilize their IT infrastructure. This resulted in less downtime and a much-improved user experience.

SSI also partnered with the Township to create a technology roadmap that aligned with their annual budget to ensure future projects could be addressed in a timely fashion. Ultimately, SSI enabled this Township to stay ahead of the curve and resolve IT issues before they became a problem.

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