A leading business process automation firm (the “Company”) that helps automate high volumes of invoicing in industries spanning banking, insurance, retail, manufacturing, distribution, and logistics, relies heavily on its IT infrastructure to serve clients and users.

Business process automation
SSI Services:
MDM Solution, Networking Monitoring, Labtech Monitoring, Server Support, Open DNS, Protection for Client Machines
Technologies Used:
Azure Active Directory, SharePoint Online, Exchange, Teams


When the Company was acquired by another business, they were left without a reliable IT provider. Realizing this, management who had worked with SSI prior to the acquisition reached out to reengage SSI as the IT support team for the new Company.


SSI kept the documentation from the previous onboarding, which helped lay the groundwork for the Company’s re-onboarding. The onboarding time was cut in half due to being familiar with the Company.

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, the Company decided to shift from a brick-and-mortar office to a virtual operation. The Company already used SharePoint as their central repository for day-to-day operations and its virtual development machines were based in AWS. Therefore, the last piece of the puzzle was to free the Company of an on-premise environment. SSI recommended an Azure Active Directory plan and an MDM solution to further secure their user-base environment, in addition to recommending a cloud-based phone solution.


The Company is now a completely virtual operation with an IT team that proactively monitors and maintains their network and infrastructure. Members of the Company no longer spend time providing internal tech support to coworkers, allowing them to focus on growing the Company instead of attending to day-to-day IT operations. Due to efficiencies created by a complete cloud environment, the process of creating, onboarding, and offboarding users has been streamlined, cutting back on time.