A global provider of innovative solutions to the semiconductor and display industries with expertise in the development, manufacturing, transportation and handling of specialty materials (the “Company”), sought to migrate most of its existing applications to the cloud, including current infrastructure. By partnering with SSI, the Company achieved their objectives in just a few months, continuing to successfully run all legacy applications while maintaining strict security protocols with authentication.

IT Environment:
1,300 users, 3 data centers, 54 countries
SSI Services:
IT Consulting, Proof-of-Concept, Scalable Infrastructure, Citrix Cloud Hosting, Azure Cloud Management
Technologies Used:
Citrix, XenApp, XenDesktop, Microsoft Azure


While in the process of separating from a partner business, the Company was rebuilding and planning to migrate their entire shared infrastructure to the cloud. A large part of the migration included an aging Citrix server farm, which offered the Company’s employees access to several legacy applications worldwide. The Company needed a collaborative partner to effectively build and design a new Citrix environment while meeting stringent security requirements. Additional challenges for the Company included a tight budget and deadline, plus disparate incumbent vendors.


The concept would allow the company to continue running their key legacy applications. As soon as the project was initiated, SSI worked with the incumbent IT vendors to collaborate and deploy a scalable hosted Citrix XenApp infrastructure that connected to the Company’s entire datacenter.


In less than three months, the Company’s new environment was well-equipped to continue running all needed legacy applications while maintaining strict security protocols with authentication. The solution was streamlined and easily accessible by all the Company’s 54 locations around the world. SSI became a strategic partner to the Company, delivering hosted Citrix Cloud services by providing the expertise to deploy a Citrix server farm that could deliver the majority of its legacy applications to over 1,000 employees worldwide.